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5 Changes that transform your style

If you want to improve your style, why not focus on the small changes that make the biggest impact.
1. The Fit
Hands down the fit of your clothing is the number 1 thing you should focus on.
How clothes should fit is something you need to learn, there’s a little bit of theory behind it, but once you know the basics it gets super simple to apply to every item of clothing you wear.
In a nutshell, the less excess fabric the better. There’s a fine line between too loose and too tight and a lot of it comes down to personal preference but your clothing should essentially ‘skim’ your body.
If you’re wearing a dress shirt and I can grab a handful or two of fabric then it’s too loose. It needs to be tailored to be more slim fitting.
Bad Fit vs Good Fit
Here’s an example of something that’s ill fitting compared against a good fitting suit…
Of course it’s slightly over exaggerated but you get the drift. Same guy, similar outfit, different fit.
I’d always start by learning how a suit should fit because the rules can be carried through to your casual attire as well. For example on your trousers the waist should fit without the need of a belt and they should break just below the top point on the back of your shoes. The same would then apply for jeans, chinos and so forth.
In terms of making sure your clothing fits you have 3 options.

2. Your Shoes
The most popular answer was confidence, but good shoes closely followed.
Wear a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and some sneakers and you’ve got a casual outfit. Wear a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and some Tan Brogues and you’ve got a smart/casual outfit ready for a drink at a Bar.
Invest in good quality shoes and you can instantly dress up an outfit.

3. Keep It Classic
Look back to the Style Icons of the 1940s, the 1950s, the 60s… did they wear suits? Blazers? Denim? Chinos?
When you keep your style timeless it allows you to buy less, easily sustain a good style and most importantly put outfits together easily.
Timeless essentials are clothing that was on trend centuries ago and still is today.
A good Navy suit will never be off trend and it will always look good, the same with a white button down Oxford shirt, a pair of Brogues…
Buying timeless items alongside sticking with key colours holds a lot of benefits.
Sure, there’s nothing wrong with on trend items or injecting some colour and print but your wardrobe should be built around timeless essentials.

4. Wear & Buy Less
We often overcomplicate things as men.
We layer up too much, wear too many accessories and by overdoing it it has a negative impact on our appearance.
Wear less. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing you can do. As long as the Fit is on point, you’re wearing good shoes and the items are of high quality you don’t need to layer as much as you think you do.
You also shouldn’t be buying a new shirt which is on Sale every weekend for your night out. A minimal wardrobe filled with timeless, well manufactured pieces trumps a wardrobe compiled with various bargains you’ve worn a few times.

5. Create A Subtle Statement
If you blend in with everyone else how are you going to stand out?
Create a subtle statement through accessories you wear and through layering.
A good watch can make a statement, alongside a pocket square or a good pair of shoes. A print or coloured shirt can again make a statement even when paired with more neutral colours.

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