6 Ways to Style Your Place Like a Young Sinatra

1Celebrate Frank’s 100th with tips straight outta his Palm Springs pad.

You got a woman back to your place—congrats. You do realize you still have to impress her once she’s there, right? Possessing one mere fragrance candle isn’t enough.
Well, we just saved you a trip. We attended the Modernism Week preview in Palm Springs, California and got an up-close look at Sinatra’s legendary midcentury estate, Twin Palms, where he lived in his 30s. God knows how many debaucherous things ensued there. With Ol’ Blue Eyes’ 100th birthday upon us (December 12th), here are a few style tips from The Sultan of Swoon’s desert lair to help you craft a quintessential bachelor pad. Take notes, then do it your way. (And by your way we mean his way.)

1. Have a Solid Sound System

Never ever underestimate what the rich sound of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ can do when coupled with Crown Royal on the rocks. (And I mean that in the least Bill Cosby sort of way possible.) A quality sound system sets the right tone for post-date festivities and midnight hookup sessions. This one at Frankie’s pad is from the ’50s and only flies vinyl, but you could easily unleash seductive tunes with a classy number from Astell&Kern. Or drop your iPhone on a quality sound dock from Bose.