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Abhinav Bindra Misses medal by 0.1

Abhinav Bindra ‘s men’s 10m Air rifle final, he attempts to win India’s first gold medal. It was agonising to see Abhinav Bindra miss out on a medal. But he fought like a true champion.

Abhinav Bindra had shot 29.9, 30.2, 21.1, 21.5, 20.8, 20.2 and 20.1 in his first seven series of shots.
In the shootout, he scored a 10.0 while that of Kulish was 10.5.

The event witnessed a stirring fightback from Bindra, who recovered from a jittery start to break into the top ten at the start of the third series of six, then as high as second place, before eventually holding onto a top-eight finish to qualify for the final. The same was not the case for Narang, who took the lead early on in the event but crashed from second to slip out of the top 20. Niccolo Campriani has an olympic record to his name, after scoring 630.2 points in the 10m air rifle men’s qualification.


1. Niccolo Campriani (Italy) – Gold
2. Serhiy Kulish (Ukraine) – Silver
3. Vladimir Maslennikov (Russia) – Bronze

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