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Adele freak out after her mexico city show

Adele freak out after a bat flies through her mexico city show

Adele’s biggest fan loves her so much he couldn’t help but crash her recent concert in Mexico city. The fan in question is a bat somehow managed to get inside Adele’s concert venue on Monday. The animal began flying around the Mexico City Palacia, doing very little. Still, he managed to wreak emotional havoc on the concertgoers-and especially on the singer herself.

“There’s a bat!” Adele yelled mid-concert. “Oh my God, it’s a f-cking bat.” In the midst of her exclamation, Adele began flapping her arms and running around the stage-as, you know, a bat might. She then began yelling at one of the 25,000 fans who showed up to her concert, explaining that the bat was “right there, behind [her] head!” “Welcome to Mexico,” the singer continued. “It’s true-I’m happy to be here. But a bat, Jesus Christ!” The whole thing was a classic case of bat-induced hysteria, featuring Adele at her most charmingly down-to-earth. In short: It was hilarious Af.

Thankfully, one of Adele’s loyal fans captured the incident on video-and he shared it with the world via Twitter. Now, those of us who weren’t lucky enough to experience this pandemonium in person can relive the moment vicariously. The fan’s tweet has already been liked more than 5,000 times and retweeted nearly 3,000 times, because the internet can’t resist Adele and her hilarious personality.

After gathering her composure, Adele finished the rest of her set without an issue.

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