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Angry guy smashes gold BMW with a bat in Newyork

YouTuber Coby Persin owns an infamous BMW i8 wrapped in a very shine gold color. Over the last few months, the youngster has been showing off his “creation” over the interwebs and posing for different photoshoots. But his latest photo session took a turn, for the worst.

Persin and a friend decided they wanted to do a photoshoot on what looks like the streets of NYC, so they blocked traffic and posted up on the hood of the i8. Since it’s pretty much always rush hour in the City That Never Sleeps, some of the traffic participants didn’t appreciate him taking up valuable space on the road.

While some resumed to nervously honking their horns, one angry driver took the matter in his own hands.

While they were waiting to get their photo taken, a man came up behind them with a bat and smashed the window of the BMW, leaving a massive dent. Fortunately, the batting man stopped there so the damage won’t be extremely costly.

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