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Apple watch bands in rio to celebrate countries

The bands are based on Apple’s recently released nylon bands – but come in special colours that will only be available in Rio’s store.

Apple is celebrating the 2016 Olympics with a set of special Watch bands – but you probably won’t be able to buy them.

The company is making special country-themed versions of its woven nylon Apple Watch bands, based on the colours of the flag of major countries in the tournament. The International Collection has been made as a way of letting fans celebrate the event by decking out their watch in their countries colours.

But they will only be able to do so if they’re actually heading to the games, since the bands will only be on sale at the Apple Store VillageMall in Barra da Tijuca, Rio.

It isn’t the first time that Apple has made exclusive versions of its Apple Watch bands. Earlier this year, it gave employees special versions of the same nylon band that were made in the colours of the rainbow flag, to celebrate and support Pride.

The new Olympic bands will go on sale from early August, at 329 BRL. And they will be available as long as supplies last, Apple said.

Russia is the only big Olympic power that isn’t represented in the straps, amid worries that the country wasn’t going to get to go to the Olympics at all.

The bands will represent 14 countries in all, making up many of the biggest countries in the Olympics – though not Russia. That includes the US, China, Great Britain and Germany.

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