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Bengaluru researchers awarded Gandhi International Fellowship Award in London

Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula and Dr. Nidhi Dev were among 10 recipients of the award.

– By Sreekanth A. Nair

Two Indian researchers have been awarded Gandhi International Fellowship Award in London for their contributions in the field of dementia: Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula and Dr. Nidhi Dev, both from Bengaluru, were among the 10 researchers who have been awarded by Lord Meghnad Desai in the House of Lords.

Their research papers was presented at the mid-year Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society in London. Their studies mainly focus on the fundamentals of cognitive functions like memory, language, and executive functions.

Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula is the founder of Cognitive Neurology Clinic (CNC) in Bengaluru and Nidhi Dev is a Neuropsychologist at CNC. Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula set up the behavioral clinic after having served at the Department of Neurology at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bengaluru for a decade.

Ellajosyula is the head of Memory Clinic at Manipal hospital now. She holds a fellowship in Cognitive Neurology from the University of Cambridge and was a research fellow at the University of North Carolina.

Stroke and cognitive neurology are the main areas where Ellajosyula has conducted research. Multilingualism and dementia, the breakdown of memory and mechanisms and neural substrates of language are her areas of interest.

Nidhi Dev has conducted research projects on epilepsy in children and in adults. A Consultant Neuropsychologist at CNC, Dev deals with epilepsy, dementia and children with neurological disorders.

Dr. Narinder Kapur, a UK based neuropsychologist, set up the Gandhi Fellowship Award to promote neuropsychology in India.

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