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Sculptures by Carving the Top of a Pencil

Artist Makes Insane Miniature Sculptures by Carving the Top of a Pencil with an...

Incredible Details We all admire the art of miniature because one needs unbelievable skill, preciseness, patience, and imagination to make their art. Salavat Fidai, an artist from Russia,...
Deadly Creatures

Top 10 Most Deadly Creatures

Africanized Bee Known colloquially as ‘Killer Bees’, Africanized Bees are feared by many people. A hybrid breed of European (Italian and Iberian) Bee breeds as well as larger...
baby finger song

Cute baby finger song

Funny cute baby finger song, funny baby video.
Photos of Strange Fish

Murmansk Fisherman Publishes Photos of Strange Fish Caught by His Trawler

Murmansk fishing boat deckhand Roman Fedortsov takes pictures of fish he has caught. Photos of the most strange and bizarre fish, he publishes on his Twitter page. Some...
Cat gets mad

Cat gets mad after being called a rat

Wooser Pusser the cat gets mad after being clucked at like she is a rat.
Amazing Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures Made from Unusual Items

Carhenge Carhenge is probably the best known work of art on this list. Located in Alliance in Western Nebraska, this car sculpture by Jim Reinders incorporates 38 automobiles...
Unusual Looking Pets

Most Unusual Looking Pets

Gouldian Finch It’s not unusual for pet birds to have brightly-colored feathers, but the Gouldian Finch takes color to a new level. Their solid blocks of super-saturated shades...
Terrifying Rides

15 Most Terrifying Rides in the World

15 Of the Most Terrifying Rides in the World! These Scary Amusement Rides are some of the craziest roller coaster rides in the world. How many of...
Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats Video Compilation

Now we are on the countdown to Christmas, many of us will be putting up the tree and decorations over the coming weeks. Your cat may also...
Christmas Kid Video

Funniest Cute Christmas Kid Video

Brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest cut kids Christmas home video of December 2016.

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