Sexy Sisters Arrested

Sexy Sisters Arrested For Extorting Billionaire To Extravagant Lifestyle

Sisters arrested for threatening to expose Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola for cheating.

Sizzling Pics Of Beautiful Melania Trump – America’s New First Lady

Sizzling Photos Of Melania Trump. She is beautiful, intelligent and is ridiculously hot. She is now officially a naturalised US citizen, and a proud mother.

Absurdly Hot Alexandra Daddario Will Warm Up Your Winter

A rising actress known for her roles in San Andreas and Percy Jackson, Hot Alexandra Daddario is also one of the sexiest people in Hollywood.

Super Hot Vanessa Hanson Is One of the Most Beautiful UFC Girl

Super Hot Vanessa Hanson is an exotic mix of Mexican, Norwegian and German looks, along with her erotic body makes her one of the Hottest UFC girls ever.

Beautiful Women Riding Bicycles – Get That Exercise

We all love it when we see a cute female riding bike outside getting that workout.
Jessica Alba Showed

45 Times Jessica Alba Showed Off More Than She Should Have

There's a lot of things you can say about actress Jessica Alba. It's quite obvious that Jessica loves to flaunt and show off her superb body.
Kudrow Lisa

When Stars Lost Their Virginity

A major rite of passage in life is losing one’s virginity - check out when stars lost theirs.

Did Naya Rivera Forget Her Skirt?

Naya Rivera just took the term “showing a little leg” to new levels. The actress was seen at the premiere party for her new film, Mad Families...
Mammoth penis found on Norfolk beach

Mammoth penis found on Norfolk beach by fossil hunter

It includes the oldest human footprints found outside Africa, and the most complete skeleton of a mammoth anywhere in the world.

Greek ambassador killed by wife’s lover, Brazilian police say

A Rio de Janeiro policeman confessed to murdering Greece's ambassador to Brazil in what investigators on Friday called a "cowardly act" carried out at the direction of...

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