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Christmas Cats Video Compilation

Now we are on the countdown to Christmas, many of us will be putting up the tree and decorations over the coming weeks. Your cat may also find this time of year very exciting and even come up with some novel games like “Climb the weird indoor sparkly tree”, “play with the pretty Christmas decorations” and “eat the lovely goodies that our humans thoughtfully left out for us“.

The funny cats wearing a Santa costume, cats dressing up as elves, to kittens knocking over Christmas trees. Cats are very pickey. But around Christmas time they start to warm up. You will find exclusive clips, classic favorites, and montages of some of the funniest, real, videos you’ve ever seen. So, please, browse and explore our different sections to find some of the best viral, funny, videos around. Comment, share, and subscribe to stay in touch and get funny videos you just can’t find anywhere else.

Shiny ornaments and decorations can be very attractive to curious pets who could suffer serious injuries from chewing and ingesting them. Not to mention the mess it causes when they manage to pull down a Christmas Tree or decide to open any gifts that may be under there! Some festive plants and berries can also be highly toxic to our pets too.

Ensure that the base of your Christmas tree is as sturdy as possible and discourage your pets from climbing it. Tree needles can be toxic and cause mouth and stomach irritation, even needles and the wire of artificial trees could pose a problem.

If you have a real tree, make sure your pet cannot drink the water in the bucket/stand. Christmas Tree Preservatives that are used in the water or on the tree itself can also be highly toxic.

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