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Controlled explosion at Rio’s Olympic stadium just days before opening ceremony

AN EXPLOSION has rocked the Olympic stadium in Rio just days before it’s set to host the opening ceremony after police found a suspicious toolbox.

Authorities sent in a robot to investigate the toolbox on Sunday at the Maracana Stadium as rehearsals for the ceremony were underway.

The toolbox is believed to have exploded when the robot touched it. No injuries have been reported.


The controlled explosion raises serious concerns about the safety of athletes and spectators alike at the Rio Olympics, with the opening ceremony starting in just five days.

The Games have been blighted by controversies amid fears for the safety of athletes and those attending.

In April, a newly built cycle path – which was constructed as a legacy project for the Games – collapsed, leaving two dead.

Last week, yobs appeared to extinguish the Olympic torch relay flame which has cast further shadow over the credibility of Brazil’s ability to host the Games.

And just hours ago, the Australian team were the victims of theft from their high security residence.

Thieves gained access to their rooms before making off with two laptops and several shirts while the team was outside following an evacuation due to a fire alarm.


Australian chef de mission Kitty Chiller said: “When I arrived midway through the evacuation I saw three fire (officers)… I don’t know which one they were from… walking out with team shirts.

“There is no CCTV in the village. At the time I did not know (who they were). They were not team members. I did not know then whether they were volunteers who were given shirts because they helped to evacuate us.”


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