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Cricket South Africa’s franchises have experienced profits

Johannesburg: Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) franchises have experienced profits for the first time since the country was reinstated into international cricket in 1991.

CSA President Chris Nenzani attributed this achievement to heightened corporate governance and diligent operational processes at its affiliates.

“Congratulations to all concerned with these outstanding results,” Nenzani said.

“Creating sustainable structures at every level of the game’s administration is one of our five key pillars. With strong governance and operational structures in place, we are now turning our attention to our cricket playing structures,” Nenzani added.

Nenzani said CSA was now eagerly awaiting the recommendations from a review committee for domestic cricket structures.

“It is indeed heartening to see the way all members have supported CSA in implementing the new operating model, which is now clearly producing the results we envisaged.

“All members have been holding their Annual General Meetings recently and across the board have received unqualified audit reports from their external auditors as well as tax clearance certificates from South African Revenue Services.”

CSA will announce its own financial results at its Annual General Meeting on Saturday.

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