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Delhi : Getting ready for Independance day celebration

In a few days time, the vibrant colors of our National flag will adorn the streets of India; shopkeepers will clear their counters for little tri-color flags and patriotic merchandise. Soon, TV channels will start airing documentaries, movies and talk shows to commemorate the important national event of our Independence Day. All state capitals will celebrate this event and so will the schools and communities all over India. Meanwhile, Delhi has already begun preparing for this day.

Delhi, the Capital of India, is where the most important events of Independence day take place. All the important roads are being dusted clean aligned with strings of miniature tri-color flags, the landmark buildings and structures are being given a blanket of lights and the stage is being set at the Red Fort for the grand event. The days leading up to the independence day will see increased security covering important places to ensure smooth functioning. With these in the backdrop of life sized banners of the National leaders and war heroes, the city gets ready for the day.


Events on the eve of the Independence Day

On the eve of the Independence Day, the Prime Minister makes an official speech known as ‘The Address to the Nation’ through his office where he speaks about the significance of the day followed by a quick mention of the events for the next day.

As the morning dawns, the Red Fort gets swarmed by people scrabbling about the grounds to find the best place to witness the events. Some patriotic songs are being played while everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the PM and other dignitaries while clutching their tri-color pins, flags, scarves, etc. This year, about 10,000 seats are being put up for the public and the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will be offering free rides to the historical monument between 6am-10am to encourage people to be a part of the celebrations. Security at the venue will be tightened and cellphones, cameras, food, water bottles, lighters, handbags, etc are strictly prohibited.

The Battle of the Kites

Kite flying has been an old tradition of Independence day in Delhi. The otherwise busy streets of Old Delhi roads, are empty and people come out with their kites to participate in the event. From rooftops to streets and parks, you’ll see the colorful kites flying playfully decorating the sky. Healthy kite battles are drawn everywhere, all you need to do in jump in with your kite.

Everyone should witness the Independence Day celebrations in Delhi atleast once in their lifetime, if not for patriotic reasons, then go to see the city, which on this day has a different kind of charm.

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