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Disgusted ‘Morrisons customer finds live maggots’ wriggling in his broccoli – just moments before he plates up

The man was cooking his evening meal when he discovered the creatures floating in his pan of boiling water.
A Morrisons customer has told how he was disgusted when he discovered live maggots wriggling in his broccoli just moments before he served up his evening meal.

Luke Allison, 26, said he found the disgusting creatures crawling over the vegetable as he placed it in a pan to boil.

He had purchased the item at a Morrisons store in Gamston, Nottinghamshire, but hadn’t realised the larvae were living inside.

Luke said: “Just as the broccoli was boiling and not far from plating up, I saw there was a maggot royal rumble going on.
The weird thing was that the maggots were exactly the same colour as the veg, making it almost too hard to notice. I bagged it up and put it out of sight.

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