Famous Trees You Should Really Know

10The Alley of the Baobabs

Famous Trees

The unique baobab tree has become the symbol of Madagascar. If you want to see a baobab, there is no place better than the Alley or (Avenue) of the Baobabs. Madagascar has six native species of baobab trees, and despite common perception, they are in fact native to forested areas. The reverence of the locals coupled with its natural fire resistant bark means that baobabs are left standing long after the foliage around them has been cleared either by natural bushfires or agricultural expansion. Unlike many trees, the baobab does not have annual rings signifying their growth. However, carbon dating technology has indicated that these trees can be thousands of years old. Baobab also bears fruit that can be used to make juice or natural health remedies. The hollowness inside its trunk makes this tree an ideal place for locals to use as storage (specifically for water). In 1993, the hollows of one of the more famous baobabs have been used to make a pub.