‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas!’: 5 Fast Facts You Need

1Animator Chuck Jones, Who Worked on ‘Looney Tunes,’ First Worked With Dr. Seuss During World War II


As Toonpedia notes, Jones and Seuss first worked together during World War II, when Seuss was working on the Private Snafu shorts created for the U.S. Army. Seuss created the series with Phil Eastman. Other legendary animators who worked on the shorts were Friz Freleng and Bob Clampett. You might not know their names, but these were the men behind Tweety Bird, Tosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, Pepe LePew and many other Looney Tunes stars.

The Grinch was also not even the first time that a Seuss story was animated. In 1942, Warner Bros. made a short adaptation of Horton Hatches The Egg, Seuss’ first book with Horton the Elephant. Of course, the sequel book was Horton Hears a Who, which co-stars the same Whos who star in The Grinch.