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Ivanka Trump harassed on SF flight by a Brooklyn Lawyer

A Brooklyn Lawyer harassed Ivanka Trump, flying with her family, to San Fransisco on Thursday, who verbally attacked her aboard the flight, claiming that her father, president-elect Donald Trump, was “ruining the country.”

Daniel Goldstein, 35, an employment lawyer in Brooklyn, was removed from the JetBlue flight leaving from John F. Kennedy International Airport along with husband and child for harassing Trump as she sat alongside her children.

“Why is she on our flight?” Goldstein asked fellow passengers. “She should be flying private.”

During the incident Ivanka is said to have paid as little attention as possible and tried to preoccupy her children with some crayons to diffuse the situation.

And now her father’s press secretary Sean Spicer has responded to the incident and slammed the harrassment of Ivanka Trump.

He told Fox News: ‘To do that to a woman who was on there with her children, I don’t care what your political background is or what your thoughts are, that’s not the way we as Americans need to act.’

After the incident, Golstein’s husband Lassner took to Twitter, where he confirmed that they had been removed from the flight.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Lasner also took a photo of Ivanka sitting on the plane writing that they were kicked off for ‘expressing displeasure about flying w/ Trumps.’

After landing in San Fransico, the family of five were then driven nearby to board a private jet heading to Hawaii. The private jet was apparently pre-scheduled and not a reaction to the incident that took place earlier on Thursday at JFK. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his family are spending the Christmas holidays at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

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