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Lee Min Ho’s TV Comeback Update: ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ vs ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Fueled Comparison

Legend of the Blue Sea Korean drama will have its debut tonight, too much of excitement around Lee Min Ho’s fans. Just now, the actor made some remarks that coked comparisons between his new series and Descendants of the Sun upcoming sequel.
‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Cast And Story Highlights
People have been delirious about Legend of the Blue Sea due to the Korean drama’s unique and intriguing story. The fantasy-love story is inspired by a classic tales Joseon legend. Jun Ji Hyun will play a modern mermaid who will fall in love with a human played by Lee Min Ho. However, the female actress will supposedly be conveyed into the future. This is where she will still meet her love interest in modern day version, who is a genius con-artist.
Fans are excited to see how Jun Ji Hyun portraying a mermaid, which is a physically exhausting role. Many are also looking forward also to see how Lee Min Ho will effectively play dual persona for the first time. There have been many teasers online about the breathtaking scenes shot in Barcelona, Spain. Even international media took notice of the show’s two stars while they were filming abroad.

The Next ‘Descendants Of The Sun’?
With all the publicity surrounding both series, Lee Min Ho admits that he is hopeful to get high ratings.
According to the 29-year-old actor, he wants his TV comeback to debut with at least 12 percent to 13 percent viewership. Eventually, he said he wants to surpass 30 percent ratings and above all deliver what it takes to get that ratings. If Legend of the Blue Sea can bring about this, the show will be as successful as Descendants of the Sun. The war-themed drama got over 30 percent ratings when it ended last April and had millions of viewers worldwide.
Its phenomenal success resulted to talks about a movie sequel and many are waiting for it. Coincidentally, Descendants of the Sun was captained by the same producers behind the hit Asian movie Train to Busan.

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