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Marc Forster on to make Christopher Robin film

Though Disney has been using many of its animated properties for live-action (or CG-blended) updates, it appears to be going a slightly different route for Winnie The Pooh. The Mouse House has Marc Forster aboard to direct a fantasy film that would focus on Pooh pal Christoper Robin.

Alex Ross Perry has written the script for the movie, which is currently just called Christopher Robin. It sounds a little like Hook crossed with Paddington, with a grown Christopher Robin leaving behind the imaginative adventures and focusing on his adult life. But when his job starts to overwhelm his family commitments, he is suddenly visited by Pooh, who needs help finding his friends. Christopher Robin has to figure out how to handle the two sides of his life colliding without losing both.

The A.A. Milne books – and the author himself – have been more the focus recently, with Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie playing Milne and his wife in an untitled film about the author’s life.

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