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McDonald’s adding McGriddles

Serving breakfast all-day has already helped McDonald’s boost slumping sales in 2016.

Now breakfast fans will have yet another a.m. delicacy they can enjoy around the clock.

On Wednesday, the chain announced that it will be adding McGriddles—a breakfast sandwich made with maple-flavored cakes—to its all-day menu in September.

Most restaurants already serve either McMuffins or biscuit sandwiches all day—but it fall all locations will serve all three of the chain’s most popular breakfast items.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Melissa Layton told USA Today that McGriddles are now the most requested menu item not offered nationally.

The Golden Arches chain introduced the world to McGriddles in 2003. In the 12 months after they first hit the market, sales of the breakfast sandwich accounted for about 40 percent of McDonald’s same-store sales growth nationwide.

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