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New York students build ‘chariot’ for abused puppy

Our angel Claire got her new wheels on Friday! A HUGE THANK YOU to the students of staff of Oriskany Central school district, Rome Daily Sentinel, WKTV NEWSChannel 2, Mr. Lallier and everyone else involved in getting Claires chariot. ALSO for all the children who raised all the wonderful items off our wish list for AOF. We are so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. We are so overwhelmed with joy. Claire will meet with the Dr. of Physical Therapy in Latham Wednesday to prescribe a protocol for Claire’s appointments locally. Funding is still needed for her therapy and all of our other cases. If you are able to help please go to our gofundme link located in our bio, donations are also accepted by mail at Angels of Fur PO Box 586, Westmoreland, NY, 13490, and by paypal at [email protected]. Remember AOF is a 501c3 non profit and all donations are tax deductible. Look how awesome her chair is. Complete with customized wheels and a license plate too.

A group of high school students in New York worked together to craft a special wheelchair for a disabled puppy.

Angels of Fur puppy mill shared a photo of Claire, the 2.8-pound Havanese, and her chariot constructed by students at Oriskany High School.

“She was born with no femoral heads at the top of her legs where her hips go,” Melissa Jones of Angels of Fur told WKTV of the dog who came to the mill in poor condition. “Absolutely deplorable condition. She literally looked like a overused mop, should I say? She was completely matted from head to toe.”

Oriskany High School teacher Chris Lallier heard about the disabled and abandoned puppy and encouraged her students to devise a way to help the dog walk.

“She’s an adorable dog,” Lallier told Syracuse.com. “And the kids fell in love with her. So it wasn’t a tough sell at all for them to want to work on this project.”

The students spent hours after school constructing multiple different 3D-printed wheelchair models before landing on the final design they dubbed the “Claire chariot.”

“The students in these classes are typically very engaged, but I’ve never seen the level of engagement when I made the announcement about Claire and her situtation. They were all just kind of laser focused,” Lallier said.

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