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Poster of ‘Power Ranger’s Rita Repulsa released

New photos of Power Rangers baddie Rita Repulsa were released Monday. Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, is seen in all green with dark streaky hair in a ponytail and pointy features. A poster posted on the Power Ranger’s Twitter page says, “65 million years later and I’m still devastatingly attractive.

Throughout the day posts featured claw marks and sarcastic comments by Repulsa, followed by #RepulsaTakesOver and titled “Repulsa’s Must Haves.” One post, which featured a box of Rogaine on Amazon.com, was followed by the the comment, “#RepulsaMustHaves #4: “Rogaine Extra Strength.” Glorious gift for Zordon! #RepulsaTakesOver, referencing Bryan Cranston’s character in the reboot.

Based on the hit 1990’s kids television series of the same name, Power Rangers followed the adventures of a group of high school students who are able to transform into colorful heroes able to wield powerful weapons in order to defend the earth from the forces of evil.

Rita Repulsa, a powerful witch who was imprisoned for thousands of years, served as the main antagonists for the Rangers using her magical staff to bring giant monsters to life in order to conquer earth.

Power Rangers is set to debut in theaters on Mar. 24, 2017.

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