deepika kumari

Archery update:- Deepika Kumari –

in action now. Can she book her way into the quarterfinals?

17:31 (IST):- Deepika Kumari shoots 9, 8 and 10 to lose the first set 28-27 to Chinese Taipei.

17:34 (IST):- 8, 9 and 9. Just not enough by Deepika Kumari as she loses Set 2 29-26. Chinese Taipei lead 4-0 currently.
Can India fightback at the death and pull off a shocker here?

17:37 (IST):- Tragedy for India as D. Kumari knocked out of the Women’s Archery event after losing 30-27.
Chinese Taipei shoot a perfect 6-0 to move into the quarterfinals.

17:43 (IST):- Chinese Taipei’s Ya Ting-Tang was just too good on this day for D. Kumari. The Indian archer was unable to shoot any 10’s consistently and now has bowed out of the 2016 edition of the Olympics.