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Rio 2016: Olympic Games logo seeks to help build new world

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 9 (Xinhua) — The Olympic Motto in Latin reads “Citius, Altius, Fortius.” The words, meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” have inspired countless athletes to smash records by pushing themselves to the limits of human ability.

However, each Olympiad seeks its own motto to better reflect the present day and a vision for a better world. This is no small decision as the slogan will be plastered on the Olympic logo, mascots, medals and torches.

Beijing 2008 went with “One World, One Dream”, while London 2012 opted for “Inspire a Generation.”

In a Brazil troubled by current crises, Rio 2016 unveiled its slogan in June, having chosen “A New World.”

“Our legacy is the desire for a better world,” explained the Rio 2016 brand director, Beth Lula, at the time.

The executive said that “the slogan is the brand’s promise to society. We live in a world that is undergoing huge transformations. At Rio 2016, we want to create a better world and this as a legacy for the generations to come.”

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, also approved the slogan at the event.

“It is what the Olympic movement is all about, changing the world for the better,” said Bach. “Here, in Rio, you will make of it a great experience. Because there will be a Rio de Janeiro before the Games and another after, a new and better city. The future is for the youth of Brazil.”

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