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Rio 2016 – WHAT’S THAT SONG?

“Sandália de Prata” by Ary Barroso Performed by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Anitta, the classic samba song of Ary Barroso asks, “This here, what is it”? The music celebrates the joy of Brazilians as well as people “who are not afraid of fire and never give up.”

The final message of the show is for the hosts, the Brazilians who recognize their difficulties and have the spirit to overcome them.

The directors offer this message: “The choice of Caetano, Gil and Anitta — who are not traditional Samba interpreters — to sing this classic samba song is the expression of our desire to show that Brazilian music, as well as the country itself and even the whole world, would benefit from mixing differences without prejudice, with a spirit of inclusion, and above all, with celebrating happiness.”

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