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Rio Olympics 2016: Day 3 Live India Hoping to Open Medal



Abhinav Bindra down to 7. Gagan Bindra down to 25. Suddenly not looking good for India. Quieter start in the fourth series for Bindra – he is in fifth now.

AFTER THIRD SERIES: Abhinav Bindra is in the second position with a score of 314.6, while Gagan Narang is 21st. Abhinav Bindra has moved to third. Great comeback by him. But for Narang it has been a series to forget. He is 17 It’s not looking good for Narang now — he has slipped to 17th. Abhinav Bindra is in top eight now bur Gagan Narang has slipped to 10th.

END OF SERIES TWO: Gagan Narang is in the second position with a score of 209.8, while Abhinav Bindra is 11th with 208.7. Gagan Narang has slipped to fifth while Abhinav Bindara has moved to 11. Gagan Narang is top again but worrying times for Bindra. He has slipped to 19th. Second series begins. Narang 6th, Bindra 8th.

END OF FIRST SERIES: Gagan Narang is in the first position with a score of 105.3, while Abhinav Bindra is in the 10th place after scoring 104.3.

Shooting: Gagan Narang is on first. He is looking in a mood today. Abhinav Bindra is making a steady progress as well. Upto 8th now Gagan Narang is second in the first series. This is looking good for India in the qualification.

We are underway in shooting: Abhinav Bindra is on 10th and Gagan Narang is on 5th after 3 shots in the first series. 17.25: It has been a disappointing Rio 2016 Olympics so far for India with none of the athletes coming close to winning a medal yet. Let’s hope Bindra and Narand get India off to mark in the medals tally tonight.

Shooting: Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang take aim in the 10m Air Rifle Men’s Qualifications in next 10 minutes.

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