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Rio Olympics Day 16 : Yogeshwar Dutt lose in qualification round

India’s Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt in action on the final day at Rio Olympics 2016. All eyes was on the 33-year-old to give India one last shot at another medal here in Rio. At 5:00 pm (IST) Yogeshwar Dutt was in action.

5:02 pm(IST): India Vs Mongolia 0-0. Mongolia in Blue and India’s Yogeshwar in Orange.

5:03 pm(IST): 2 minutes up. Mongolia leads 1-0.

5:04 pm(IST): End of 3 minutes. Mongolia leads 1-0 against India. Ferocious attempt by Yogeshwar Dutt in the last few seconds but unable to secure a point.

5:06 pm(IST): Yogeshwar Dutt loses balance during attack. Mongolia gets 2 more points. Mongolia leads 3-0.

5:07 pm(IST): Excellent defense by the Mongolian giving Dutt no chance to take control.

5:09 pm(IST): It’s done. Yogeshwar Dutt loses. Mongolia’s Mandakhnaran Ganzorig beats India’s Yogeshwar Dutt 3-0.

5:10 pm(IST): It’s a long wait now for Yogeshwar Dutt. If Mongolia’s Mandakhnaran Ganzorig reaches the final, Dutt will have another bout.

5:11 pm(IST): It is still not over for Dutt as he can make a comeback in his next bout.

5:13 pm(IST): If Mongolia’s Ganzorig, who is world no. 12, reaches the final, India’s Yogeshwar Dutt gets a chance to fight for Bronze. It is a big setback for world no. 9 Yogeshwar Dutt to lose this one but he will have to put this behind and hope for the best.

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