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Rio Olympics : India beat Ireland by 3-2

The Hockey win comes as relief for India as India beat Ireland by 3-2. India had a jinx to break in Rio Olympics 2016. Interestingly, Indian men had not won their opening match of an Olympic competition after Sydney 2000. But PR Sreejesh’s India changed that with a 3-2 victory over Ireland.

Irish defender stood in the way of the shot and has taken a serious blow from the shoot, a very powerful shoot. He’s down near the post and receiving some attention. A little over 10 minutes left in the match. Ireland need to keep believing and keep pressing forward. Anything is possible in the space of minutes in field hockey. Another penalty corner for Ireland. They have had some success in this department in the second half. Have also converted one. Sreejesh with a brilliant save to deny Ireland a goal. Ireland continue to press forward and Sreejesh continues to deflect the danger away. He has been magnificent so far. GOAL! Connor Hart executes a brilliant set piece to five Ireland the second goal, reduce India’s lead. It’s still 3-2 in India’s favour. Exciting last four minutes on the cards. The last four minutes are underway. It’s all about holding pressure now as Ireland get another penalty corner. Ind lead 3-2, into last three minutes. FULL TIME! India beat Ireland 3-2 to seal a win in their opening match of Rio 2016 Olympics.

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