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Sachin : Brings wishes of a billion

It must be tough to miss Sachin Tendulkar’s child-like enthusiasm as he cheers on India from the sidelines at the Rio Olympics. The Olympic ambassador, who has been in Rio for the past few days, met the Indian contingent at the Olympic village and said he “brought the wishes of a billion people”.

Sachin Tendulkar was one of the three ambassadors brought on board by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) after they came under fire for their half-brained move to make Salman Khan the Olympic ambassador. The legend has, however, proved to be the best of the lot as he has, over the past two months, spent considerable time meeting and inspiring the young athletes. In addition, the Maestro has traveled to Rio to cheer India’s best hopes from the sidelines.
Sachin met with the Olympic contingent yesterday at the Games Village and said, “I bring to you the wishes of more than a billion people from India. I am not here to give you a lecture, I know you are among the best in your sport and have worked so hard to reach this level. All I want you to know is that the entire nation is behind you and we all want you to do well,” reported Indian express.

Excited to be with the players at the quadrennial event as they aim for ultimate sporting glory for themselves and the nation, Sachin said, “This is a big thrill for me, being with you all.”
Sachin also spoke to the players, many of them at the Olympics for the first time in their lives, and had some inspirational words to share. “I have played enough sport to know the hard work that is required and we all want you to put up your best performances and keep improving and not to think only about medals. Just do your best and everything will follow. My best wishes to all of you,” he told them.

When asked to compare the atmosphere at the Olympic village with how he felt when playing cricket, Sachin said, “I stayed in the Games Village when we had cricket in the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. It was a great experience. That’s why I wanted to come and visit this place. The trip to Rio has been great and I am sure all our athletes will do their best to bring laurels to India.”

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