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Scuba divers loved being underwater so much they set up bedroom at the bottom of the sea

A pair of scuba divers like being underwater so much, they set up a bedroom on the seabed.

The bizarre project was organised by professional diver Serap Metinturk, 32, and outdoor sports guide Mehmet Bat, 30, who said that they wanted to underline the need to look after the sea.

Serap said: “We humans are only visitors here, but for many animals this is their home. I wanted to underline that we should treat this with respect and do more to protect the sea.”


The men took down mattresses, pillows, bedcovers, lampshades, clocks and even cuddly toys to set up the bedroom on the seabed some 8 metres (26 feet) below the surface off the coast of Fethiye city, located in the Aegean region of Turkey. They then lay down and watched the fish passing by.

Serap and Bat went to bed together with the fishes, while a third diver recorded them with an underwater camera.

Serap added: “Once we had finished of course we took everything back up to the surface and put it back on the boat. We wanted to show that underwater families also have a home even though we don’t always recognise it as such.

“By reminding people that this is also a home it might help people to think when they consciously or unconsciously end up destroying these communities. It was very exhausting, but at the end it was worth it.

“I noted that many of the fish species came to visit us in our bed which was really great.”

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