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Serena Williams is marrying Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is marrying Reddit cofounder and Y Combinator partner Alexis Ohanian, according to a Thursday post she made on – where else – Reddit.

When Serena Williams won her 22nd title at Wimbledon 2016, it looked like that she was also ready to make the relationship with her boyfriend, Alexis Ohanian, public. But it looks like the Reddit founder and world number one woman’s tennis player will take a little while before they become a public power couple.

Alexis Ohanian pinned a picture of Serena Williams winning Wimbledon championship on his Twitter earlier this month, which also revealed that he was personally there at Centre Court to witness her make history.

But he changed the pinned tweet on his account into a picture of himself that was taken for publicity purposes. It looks like the Silicon Valley entrepreneur can’t stay away from self-promotion for long.

Since then, Serena has not been seen or made posts about her boyfriend, Alexis. Serena is concentrating on getting her mind and body ready for Rio Olympics, and she may not have much down time to spend with him.

To make sure that her body is fully recovered from her grueling run at Wimbledon, the 22-title winning player joined Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and a bunch of other elite players in pulling out of Rogers Cup this year. She is looking to heal her inflamed shoulder just in time for the Rio Olympics.

“Due to inflammation in my shoulder, I unfortunately must withdraw from the Rogers Cup,” Williams said in a statement according to USA Today. “I was looking forward to competing in Montreal and I look forward to returning soon.”

The Rogers Cup director also expressed that she understood why the world number one had to pull out.

“Because this is an Olympic year, the players have very full schedules,” Eugene Lapierre said. “Sometimes your body needs rest. We hope that Serena will recover quickly and wish her much success for the rest of the season.”

She proudly credited this amazing quote to herself by captioning it, “said me.”

Alexis Ohanian has been giving a lot of interviews about his career and the development of Reddit, and the couple seems to be on the same track of building each other up. His latest post on Instagram features himself giving the origin story of Reddit.

Serena Williams also has another individual giving her a firm talking to get her riled up for the Olympics in the person of Bobby Cannavale! In the latest Nike ad, the actor walks around a room full of cribs, giving baby athletes a motivational speech about their careers to come. This is a spoof on the traditional locker room speeches that coaches love to give right before an important game.

“He tells them that life’s not always fair and they don’t get a say in where they are born, what they are called, whether their whole family has to leave the country or anything else that happens to them as a baby. But they do get a say in their future,” reports Essence.

Despite all the problems in Brazil, the Rio Olympics kicks off on August 5, which means that Serena has about a week to get herself fully prepped for a yet another gold medal. In 2012, she snagged two gold medals in the London Olympics, winning one for women’s single and another one with her sister Venus Williams in women’s doubles. That’s exactly what she won at Wimbledon this year, and she is looking to repeat that performance in Rio.

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