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After A Successful Stint As A Wrester In ‘Sultan’, Now Shoaib Akhtar Wants Salman Khan To Star In A Biopic On Him

After the stellar success of ‘Sultan’, Salman Khan has found a new fan base which wants to see him in more biopics, and topping the list is the ‘Rawalpindi Express’, Shoaib Akhtar!


Shoaib, who has been called one of the fastest bowlers of the world, has an innate wish for a movie where he wants Salman Khan to play him, if ever a movie is made on his life. Sallu Bhai’s latest ‘Sultan’ has got the cash registers ringing at the box office and it is being touted as one of his best performances till date.


Since it’s raining biopics this year, we won’t be surprised if someone announced one on Shoaib Akhtar and Salman agrees to do it.

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