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Suicide Squad stars show off funny side

Despite getting absolutely thrashed by critics upon arrival, Suicide Squad managed to pull in a pretty penny for Warner Bros. at the box office this year. Now, with the Blu-ray release on the way, the blooper reel for the movie has made its way online. Even if you didn’t love the movie, this should be enough to make you smile.

The blooper reel recently surfaced on YouTube and isn’t overly long, but provides a good look into how it must have been working with this cast behind the scenes. Especially Will Smith, who has a knack for cracking jokes, when he isn’t saving the world or playing a bad guy like Deadshot. Pretty much every one of the central characters from Suicide Squad has a fun moment in the blooper reel. Even Jared Leto gets in on the fun at the very end as Joker.

For all of its perceived faults, Suicide Squad really managed to find a sizable audience, especially considering that many of the characters in the movie, save for The Joker and Harley Quinn, were largely unknown to those who don’t read DC Comic books on a very regular basis. It also didn’t hurt having star power in the form of Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. Many were actually pretty surprised that Leto didn’t have more screen time in the movie, but the recently released extended cut of the movie did include quite a bit more footage of him as the Joker.

Even though Suicide Squad had to go in for what we assume were expensive and were definitely substantial reshoots, the movie did very well for Warner Bros. at the box office. Working against a reported budget of $175 million, the movie made $745 million worldwide, which is very good for almost any comic book movie. When the poor reviews and lack of recognizable characters is factored in, that number is even more impressive. Not only that, but the studio has been able to capitalize quite a bit on Suicide Squad merchandize, so ultimately this was a home run for the studio.

Suicide Squad wasn’t originally intended to do the job that it ultimately ended up having to do. Warner Bros. was extremely confident about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice prior to the release of the movie and given the very poor critical response, mixed response from fans and the fact that it didn’t do the Earth shattering numbers they expected it to at the box office, the studio had to play damage control, or at least try to. Since Suicide Squad was the next movie coming out, that burden ultimately fell to David Ayer and his movie. It may not have done better critically, but it added some levity and did do some things arguably better.

The Suicide Squad Extended Cut is available now digitally. The Blu-ray release for the movie is scheduled next month for December 13. In the meantime, you can check out the new Suicide Squad blooper reel for yourself below. As of now, Suicide Squad 2 hasn’t been officially announced by DC Films and Warner Bros.

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