The 10 Best Laptops of 2016

Laptops in 2016 have brought us more interesting form factor experiments, new best laptops technology like OLED screens, and fresh ideas about touch interfaces. It’s all proof that laptops are where a lot of the best future consumer technology is being implemented.

10Lenovo Yoga Book

While the screen portion of the laptop is just like any other tablet, it’s the keyboard portion that sets the book apart from other products. In essence, the Yoga Book is the closest consumer product that we’ve seen to Microsoft’s concept Courier tablet, a digital note-taking device that was never produced. The best part is that no special paper is needed. Just place your paper or notepad inside the guidelines on the Halo Keyboard surface and you’re good to go. You can use the ballpoint tip to write on paper and simultaneously have your analog notes captured digitally using software. This gives you the feel of writing on paper and the convenience of having a digital backup without having to scan in your notes. With its flat surface for typing it might not be the most well-rounded laptop out there, but the note-taking aspect of the device is pure magic.