The 20 Best Comics of 2016

    All of best comics journalism’s attention to Diamond Distributor’s lists, Raina Telgemeier is a one-woman industry who routinely dominates the majority of The New York Times’ Graphic Books lists. It’s the first graphic novel to win a National Book Award and it’s rightfully being adopted as required reading in public schools.


    Michel Fiffe continues to embarrass the heck out of every other person working in comics with his tour de force one-man assault, Copra. Written, drawn, colored, lettered and sequentially self-published by Fiffe, Copra began as a copyright-testing homage to the Ostrander-era Suicide Squad tales before evolving in its own bizarre way. Round Four continues the psychedelic assault of Fiffe’s highly expendable commandos, rendered in his masterful multimedia style. Copra collections can be challenging to nab, and the title is much more appreciable after reading the whole epic in order, but Fiffe’s mad creation continues to be one of the best comics in existence and is more than worth hunting down.