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Most Dangerous Restaurants Around The World

Far from your average restaurant, these eateries attract some of the most brave and most daring diners around. Check out this list of Most Dangerous Restaurants and decide if these restaurants have taken their themes too far or are worthy entrepreneurial risks.


8. Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER

Alcatraz ER, a jail/hospital themed theater restaurants in Shibuya. Upon arriving guests are ‘admitted’ to the restaurant ‘sexy nurses’ ask one member of each party their symptoms, before being handcuffed and led to a cell where the dining takes place to be ‘locked up’. The actual dining booths are convincing jail cells little more than a meter in height, in order to call a waitress for service one takes an iron bar and racks it across the bars of cell, as this happens quite frequently the constant rattling of the cells around you adds to the spookiness of the atmosphere.

The Most Dangerous Restaurants
Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER

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