Top 10 Outdoor Speaker Systems 2016

    10Niles OS7.3 Black

    Niles is creating waves among the music lovers with its outstanding indoor/outdoor loudspeakers. When they introduced their first OS outdoor/indoor model, they brought many stunning features and capabilities. The original OS Indoor/Outdoor loudspeakers of Niles are getting lots of appreciation from customers. They have the ability to deliver outstanding sound quality and exemplary reliability. They are the best selling loudspeakers in this class because of all these features. The OS7.3 Black comes with an integrated woofer/baffle assembly, which is helpful for increasing the cone area. A 7-inch Mica-filled polypropylene cone is helpful for giving a powerful bass output. The speaker is extremely rigid, thus it can reduce breakup and distortion. Exceptional durability is the other stunning feature of OS7.3 Black.