Top 10 Richest People around the World 2016

    The world’s famous billionaires are the top billionaires. The list of the world’s richest people has escalated eluding global economic turbulence.


    Carlos is a Mexican business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist. He is regarded as the “Warren Buffet of Mexico” for his vast foresight of powerful business empire in the Mexican economy. 40 percent of the listings on the Mexican Stock Exchange are accounted to him. He is the chairman and chief executive of the Telmex and América Móvil. Carlos Slim’s wealth is also associated from his composite Grupo Carso which consists of different industries like telecommunications, healthcare, education, industrial manufacturing, food and beverages, real estate, airlines, media, mining, oil, hospitality, entertainment, technology, retail, sports, and financial services. With his net worth of $77.1 billion, it is equal to approximately six percent of the gross domestic product of Mexico.