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Visiting teams invited to leave cultural legacy at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

International visitors can leave a little of their country’s traditions behind through book donations
The Rio de Janeiro state government has invited Olympic and Paralympic delegations, technical officials, journalists and other Rio 2016 guests to leave a little of their home countries’ culture in Rio through a book donation programme at the State Park Library (Biblioteca Parque Estadual), in the city centre. The idea is for visitors to bring a book in their own language that can help Brazilians, especially cariocas, to learn a little more about other nations. The initiative is named ‘Books of the World’, and aims to collect donations of literary works representative of various cultures from across the globe.


This donations will enrich the library’s ‘World Space’, a special section at the State Park Library which provides access to the classics of international literature in their original languages.

Donations can be made at the Olympic Village, Paralympic Village, Rio Media Center, or, if preferred, visitors are also invited to take the opportunity to visit the library and drop books off directly.

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