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Weightlifter Mirabai failed to lift in three attempts

Weightlifting was the last competition of the day as far as India were concerned and Chanu had an outside chance to get India a medal but she failed miserably after no lift in the clean and jerk.
In the snatch category, Mirabai began with a lift of 82kg which she failed to lift in the first attempt but came back with a 82kg lift in the second attempt. Later, she tried improving it in the third event but could not lift it either.
From the snatch, she went into clean and jerk with a 82kg score. She had a personal best of 192kg as the total lift.
In the clean and jerk event, Mirabai began with an attempt of 104kg but she could not lift it. In the second attempt, she tried to go for 106kg, one less than her personal best. She failed to lock in the jerk and could not make it. In the third and final lift, she again tried 106 but could not lift it.

The gold medal was being fought between Thailand’s Sopita Tanasan and Indonesia’s Sri Wahyuni Agustiani. Tanasan lifted 106kg and 108kg in her first two attempts. She failed at 110kg in her third. That means that Agustiani had two attempts to lift 115kg (two short of the world record of 117kg) and snatch the gold away. The weight was just too much for Agustiani and she buckled, having to settle for a silver medal. Japan’s Miyake won the bronze with a total lift of 188kg.

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